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Understanding workflow and being able to tailor-make a process that suits the unique environment of a wholesale photolab is key. Express Imaging Systems has developed a suite of workflow tools that targets every area from image enhancement to image storage. Key products include eGate, Review Station, Express Central PfDF Server and CD Server (listed below). Integrate third party applications and devices with custom designed Import and Export Drivers and the Express PfDF client. Express Image Server provides storage for in-process orders and supports fast transfer rate protocols, while Index Print Formatter is another powerful output option that creates index prints during batch processing.






eGate Image Data Server - with Image Enhancement

Feed your workflow from multiple channels, one for each image source, and automatically apply image enhancement. Channels can be configured independently for different job types and requirements. The PfDF compatible eGate reduces red-eye, performs image sizing and color enhancement, improves shadow detail and helps build a solid foundation for your workflow architecture. Using server farm technology, eGate leverages a linear increase in throughput times starting at 5,000 images per hour per server. EGate can also analyze an image using 12 bits of pixel data, an improvement over standard 8 bit jpeg processing.

Review Station

Maintain constant Quality Control with the Review Station. Review images, flip and delete in one easy to use window. Automatically or manually write batch work records. PfDF compatible, the Review Station can also be used to assign and select multiple product outputs.

Express Central PfDF Server

Stay in control with the Express Central PfDF centralized order database. Unify your workflow and maximize productivity as each device in your lab reports and retrieves order information. to and from a central server. An easy to use visual interface lets you break down jobs to the smallest detail providing you and your workflow with constant reporting.

Express Image Server: Augment the Central PfDF Server with the Express Image Server storage array for in-process orders.

CD Server

CD Sever is an output module that supports the creation of multiple CD product designs on up to five Rimage CD duplicators. Include logos and barcodes and bundle advertising content with each CD order.

Index Print Formatter

Index Print Formatter is an output module that creates index prints during batch processing. Use the Index Print Formatter for printing index prints on the Europa 10 or as a configurable stand-alone application.

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