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Is your lab struggling with a specific goal? Having trouble finding parts or support for older items in your lab? Looking to reinvent? We are.


Our software and optical engineers are always looking to find a way to fine tune our products to meet your productivity goals. Sometimes this leads to a limited run custom product designed especially for your company.

The Index Print Notcher (IPN)

We recently redesigned a classic product, the Film Scanner Notcher (FSN), to meet today's needs with added value. The FSN's were originally installed on 25 year old Gretag platforms almost 7 years ago. The IPN notches film and scans images to create quality index prints at the same time.


Eliminating the FSN's original Gretag platform, the IPN is based on the standard ExpressScan™ platform, including film transport, embedded computer, pre-scanner, new 6th generation lamphouse. The IPN improves the performance and quality of index prints and runs at a rate of over 500 index prints per hour. New PC hardware and Express Imaging Systems' signature Express Image Manager workflow software brought this old product back to center stage.


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