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ExpressScan™ 8B/12000

No other scanner gives the value of an ExpressScan™. Our latest model, the ExpressScan™ 8B/12000 delivers excellent quality images and superior performance without using up your entire capital equipment budget.

The ExpressScan ES8B           

The ES8B can be run in multiple modes. The 8Base mode scans 10,000 frames per hour at 8Base resolution (2256x1504). The 4Base Only mode scans 12,000 frames per hour in 4Base resolution (1536x1504). The ES8B uses CaptureSmart™, a frame by frame exposure correction algorithm. The ES8B is upgradeable to 20,000 frames per hour. ExpressScan software is fully compatible with ColorMatch, i2e image enhancement software, and Express Image Manager.

The ES8B Upgrade Kit

Protect your investment.

Upgrade your existing ES4B units into ES8B. Why start from scratch? By design, the ExpressScan™ was developed to keep paybacks at an accelerated rate by helping you maximize what you already have in place. Get the latest software, the latest generation light source, and true 12 bit image capture in a swappable panel and go from 5,000 frames per hour to 12,000 frames per hour.

ES4B to ES8B Upgrade Kit     


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