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The world of digital imaging is changing and its changing the tools we use everyday. Express Imaging Systems always looks to see what's next. Some of those things we are already working on.

The Europa printer is just the beginning of our printer line. This new platform technology is scaleable in many direction, including paper sizes and speed. Look for more news about the Europa line soon.

As new technology becomes available we find a better ways to build light sources and faster scanners. We pursue improvements in color correction, profiling, and image quality daily. If you already own some of our products we may already have a upgrade available at a significant savings.

Recent partnerships have helped identify new markets, improve products, and generate ideas for the future. If you are looking to partner with us on a new technology please contact us. If you are an existing customer with an idea for the future we can't wait to talk to you.

As consumer photography continues to quickly move toward digital imaging, Express Imaging Systems will be working with photofinishers to improve the output from digital cameras. Our imaging scientists are applying their expertise to the problem of red-eye and have some intriguing solutions for the industry.

Express Imaging Systems is actively building partnerships with software development companies to bring creative solutions to the photofinishing industry with innovative solutions, quality enhancing and time saving software solutions. Our sales distribution into photographic channels is growing rapidly and we are continually building our product line.

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