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June, 2004: A new generation of photo processing technology has arrived. Express Imaging Systems offers an automated technology that perfects the most common problems found in consumer picture taking. Traditionally, printing quality depended on where the prints were processed. Today, software makes the difference….a big difference. Both for home printing and traditional photographic printing, enhancing images intelligently makes the clear difference that consumer can see.

  After years of research, one of the world’s most recognized imaging scientist, Dr. Walter Kraft, has perfected a proprietary photo enhancement system called i2e (intelligent image enhancement).

This revolutionary software automatically corrects the most noticeable defects in everyday pictures – improving dark shadows, backlighting and automated red-eye removal (which will be offered this fall). i2e then goes a step further, offering consumers what they prefer – vibrant colors and rich detail in their images.

How does the software work? First, i2e works with traditional digital files, either from a digital camera or a scanned roll of film. Second, the image files are processed using intelligent software that analyzes image content using sophisticated scene recognition algorithms. Finally, the software selectively corrects and enhances selected portions of the image, which perfects it for printing or viewing. In PhotoShop, an experienced operator can achieve similar results in about 3 hours per image. i2e enhances thousands of images per hour.

The software is designed to process images using high-speed algorithms that recognize the scene content of each image and automatically determine the best image enhancement in terms of color accuracy and density balance (overall lightness or darkness). The software also works deep into the shadow and highlight areas of an image, and selectively optimizes the details. Finally, a boost to sharpness is added to create a print that is preferred by the vast majority of consumer photographers. These algorithms take control over each pixel, processing 4 to 5 million pixels per image.

A recent consumer survey discovered that 9 out of 10 consumers would switch photo-processing outlets to get red-eye reduction. Given the overwhelming demand, i2e will soon be able to reduce the majority of red-eye – without any manual intervention. This breakthrough is made possible through the advanced scene-recognition process. In order to recognize people the software identifies flesh tones and shapes. Once people are recognized, the flesh tones are analyzed to isolate the face. The software looks for densities of red pixels in recognizable shapes and calculates the probability of an instance of red-eye. The pixels within the eye are carefully adjusted to create a pleasing and natural result by working with the pupils, yet leaving the iris looking natural.

See the i2e difference in your business and promote the difference that consumers can see. Your images will be consistently clear and colorful using i2e. This is great news for amateur photographers as they can now enjoy the crisp detail, sharpness and vibrant color from their cherished memories.

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