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(SEATTLE, WA) Express Imaging Systems, LLC, a leading developer of digital imaging technology and solutions for the photo processing industry, announced today that it will distribute the Intelligent Image Enhancement software (i2e) created by Colour Science AG of Baretswil, Switzerland in the North American region.

I2e is an industry leading technology, that corrects and enhances digital images automatically. Express Imaging Systems has incorporated i2e into its Express Scan high speed film scanning products with remarkable results.

I2e is also an excellent choice for digital minilab users. I2e can be integrated into the front end of the digital minilab process to automatically enhance the images and apply Icc profiles before printing on the minilab. Tests have shown that digital camera images vary widely in color and contrast. I2e reduces this variability and when used with Icc profiling produces consistent quality prints on one or more minilabs.

Keith Miller, President of Express Imaging Systems commented, "Independent consumer tests in Europe have chosen this technology as the best. We are ecstatic about its possibilities in the digital fulfillment arena.”

Frank Grossmann, President of Colour Science AG, says, “We are excited to seek opportunities for this product in North America. Express Imaging’s successes in the wholesale photofinishing arena positions it well to sell to emerging digital fulfillment providers.”

I2e is currently performing in production in European and U.S. photofinishing labs.
Please visit us at PMA in Booth Q196 for more information.

About Express Imaging Systems, LLC

Robert Bradley, Leslie Dicks, Keith Miller, Will Reed and John Renn, former owners and operators of ExpressLog and Creative Products Unlimited (CPU, Inc.), formed Express Imaging Systems, LLC in late 2001.

The team at EIS has built a reputation for delivering extremely reliable, high speed imaging and illumination products that deliver “Twice the performance at half the price.”

About Colour Science AG

Colour-Science AG, a Swiss-based company, was founded in 2002 to make the latest image enhancement technology available for consumers, photo labs and consumer devices like digital cameras, ink-jet printers or smart phones. In the past 20 years, the image enhancement scientists of Colour-Science developed image enhancement algorithms for minilabs and high speed printers of leading photofinishing companies, like Gretag, Noritsu, DigitalNow and others. Colour-Science also seeks to establish the use of modern color management and quality monitoring tools in the photoprocessing industry with the goal of offering the consumers the highest possible image quality.




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