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We have a long history of affordable innovation in the photo processing industry. In the past our ExpressCut modification for the CX 20K Print Cutter and the Express Notch 3000 modification for the Compunotch 3000 Film Notcher has proven our commitment to quality products that build on previous investments. We strive everyday to see the photo processing industry improve. Take a walk through our past product history and you'll see that we've been there at every step.

Express Notch Pre-Scanner Modification Kit 1999-2002. The Pre-Scanner Modification kit improved scanning performance, reduced maintenance time, and replaced hard to find Gretag parts on the Express Notch 3000.

FSN-2 Upgrade 1997-1998. The second generation of high speed film scanner notchers for producing index prints.

Interspersed Modification Kit 1997-1998. The Interspersed Upgrade kit was a modification kit that could be factory installed on a new Express Cut™ or installed by the user on an existing machine. This modification kit enabled cutting of all three common print sizes on both 3.5: & 4" wide photo paper, cuts sorts, and counts Classic, HDTV, and Panoramic prints, an additional sorter bin for interspersed prints and a greeting card bin.

Express Film Scanner Notcher (FSN) 1996. The FSN System was a networked based system that scans negatives at the punch mechanism of the notcher with a digital camera and networks this data with a workstation and printer. This included a modification to the Sun Sparc 10 Sparc 20 Station and the Kodak CRT printer.

Express Notch 3000 1991-1996. The Express Notch 3000 was a high performance upgrade kit for the Gretag 3000 automatic film notcher. Notching accuracy was enhanced between 300% and 400%, with a speed improvement of approximately 40%.

The Express Cut 1995- 1998. The Express Cut was a high speed, low cost modification for CX 20K Printer Cutter that reduced maintenance time, increased cut positioning by 50% accuracy than the 20K, replaced the Compusort and handled 1,800 ft rolls.

ExpressLog 1985-1999. The ExpressLog was a point of sale terminal designed to process photofinishing orders. The ExpressLog helped to tracking orders, speeds order taking, check-in, and prints reports. Programmable the user could customize operation, feed customer information into the system using a Customer ID card, and print labels for customer information.


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